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Enhancing Tourism Experiences


Storytelling training adopting a 'Find it, Tell it, Sell it' approach and the 'Interpretative Guiding and Storytelling' programme.

We believe storytelling is an art, that can be crafted by anyone over time. Our training courses provide the knowledge, skills and tools that allow participants to hone their storytelling craft in a practical and positive learning environment. We demonstrate how best to source the most captivating stories and organise and present such stories in the most meaningful, immersive and engaging way.

“Find it, Tell it, Sell it” - 2 day introduction to storytelling in tourism.
“Interpretative Guiding and Storytelling” – 15 day Tour Guide Course
A variety of tailor made programmes to meet the specific needs of participants

Community Workshops

Animating and capacity building within individuals businesses and groups to define their Ireland’s Ancient East proposition and create action plans for future development.

Mentoring Clinics

Individual on-site story, marketing and business development.


Sourcing and creating stories for attractions and destinations feasibility studies.