Enhancing Tourism Experiences

Training - Storytelling in Tourism

We at the Hidden Story believe storytelling is an art, that can be crafted by anyone over time. Our training courses provide the knowledge, skills and tools that allow participants to hone their storytelling craft in a practical and positive learning environment. We demonstrate how best to source the most captivating stories and organise and present such stories in the most meaningful, immersive and engaging way.

See courses below, we also design tailored courses to meet specific needs of participants at all levels.
Find it, Tell it, Sell it - 3 day Storytelling in Tourism.
Interpretative Guiding and Storytelling – 15 day Tour Guide Course

Tourism Destination Development

We at The Hidden Story know that much more can be achieved when resources are pooled. Clustering of activities, amenities and attractions present a strong competitive tourism proposition. Auditing, capacity building, funding, integration and planning are key to maximising opportunities in this area. We tailor our services to meet the needs of local groups/networks and businesses to ensure that a strategic roadmap is developed. Our aim is to help you to maximise all opportunities through realistic future developments. We specialise in working with groups/networks who are involved in maximising opportunities under the Ireland's Ancient East brand.

Mentoring Services

We provide on-site tourism business mentoring services to individual businesses. We at the Hidden Story bring our collective experience to your business and assist you to maximise economic opportunities under the Ireland's Ancient East brand. Story development, marketing and business development is key to the services we provide. Our aim is to work with you to develop and grow your business through meeting market needs.

Funding Applications

A strong business case is fundamental to attracting investment into your business/organisation. Our team is highly experienced in writing strong funding proposals. We work with you through all the necessary steps to develop the strongest business proposal possible. Our services include: research, marketing, competitor analysis, product development and finance. Together we will assist you to expand and develop your business in the right direction.

Research - What's the Story?

We understand the importance of delivering on the Ireland's Ancient East brand promise. Researching, sourcing and creating stories for your business and area are key to maximising opportunities under this brand. Our team are highly experienced in this area. Together we will create memorable story-filled experiences for your visitors.